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We, TopTech, are providing to the Russian market:

  • assembly equipment i.e. electric, pneumatic, hand tool with torque control
  • integration of automatic and mechanic units for optimization of assembly process

Our customers we devote our knowledge and time to are:

  • motor-car assembly factories
  • car component makers
  • white technic producers
  • assembly conveyer users

We pass the knowledge and hi-tech product from our partners/suppliers:

  • Estic Corp. (Japan) tranducerized tools
  • Uryu Seisaku (Japan) air control tools
  • Du-Pas (Taiwan) battery torque tools
  • Kolver Srl. (Italy) torque screwdrivers
  • Endo Kogyo (Japan) air/spring balancers
  • Nagahori / NAC (Japan) impact sockets
  • Tohnichi (Japan) hand torque tools
  • Eepos (Germany) light crane systems
  • Crane Electronics (England) torque measurement

Our team consist of:

  • Sales engineers
  • Technic designers
  • Service engineers
  • Logistic managers
  • Management staff

And we follow the Values:

As well as supplying the highest quality of products, TopTech also offers equally high levels of quality of service in consulting, logistics, and after sales maintenance.

In a world full of change and complexity TopTech has a strategy of OPENNES and AGILITY. We endeavor to be CREATIVE in everything we do — our products, our procedures and our relationships with our customers.

Customers and their needs are our central concern, together with our concern for our staff, who are our most important asset in serving our customers. Our aim is to become a quality and technology leader in most segments we promote our product in Russia!


The managing director
Mr. Aleks Mosesov

Sales division manager
Mr. Ivan Pavlov
mob. + 7 931 232 99 30

Technical manager
Mr. Anton Tsyganov
mob. + 7 931 232 99 40

Service Engeneer
Mr. Aleksandr Vasiliev
mob. + 7 950 042–9200

Representative in Togliatti
Mr. Danil Izhguzin
mob. + 7 927 891–7696

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